Video – Having pets in a retirement village

Posted by arenburg

In this short video, our partner Glen discusses some of the key issues that can arrive with pets in retirement villages and what you should know. 

If you would prefer to read please see the transcript below:

“The thing about a retirement village is that they tend to be quite high-density accommodation, which means you need to have a number of rules and regulations to ensure that everybody’s able to enjoy their residence to the fullest. That requires some adjustment, especially for people who have been living on their own or in a house, and therefore quite free in terms of what they can and can’t do. One of the reoccurring touchpoints is pets who will move into a retirement village with a pet that’s probably been part of their life for many, many years. Not all pets are suitable for high-density living, and so invariably there are some adjustments around that.

We sometimes see people concerned about being able to replace their pet. Often, the retirement village rules and regulations will allow you to bring in a pet, but won’t allow you to replace it if their pet dies. And so, that’s certainly something worth investigating when you’re looking at moving into a retirement village and ensuring that the rules and regulations that are going to be influencing your life, those regulations you’re happy to comply with.”

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