Technology in the Retirement and Aged Care Sectors

Posted by arenburg
22 October

The impact of technology in the retirement and aged care sectors is expected to be significant in the coming years as governments and providers look for ways to improve services and reduce costs. From Virtual Reality to wearables, health tech to technology that improves service delivery, the sectors are seeing some very exciting changes that will continue to improve the lifestyle and experience for residents and providers.

In this piece, we highlight some of the more interesting startups and new tech providers and a variety of the solutions they are bringing to market that will help everyone.

As the population ages and lives longer, there are increasing challenges to overcome, which new tech entrants like these are tackling with gusto. At Arenburg Legal, we are inspired by helping businesses like these manage risk and grow.


Brisbane start-up Conpago have a passion for growing active communities and connections through their own online platform. The Conpago Suite is a digital community platform and online tool for retirement, aged care and disability services, essentially designed to bring communities of people together for engagement and interaction.

For older Australians, Conpago has created a tablet-based application that provides messaging, live-streamed events, virtual community and connection, health & wellness information, including activity tracking and medication reminders, together with a variety of curated content.

For service providers, Conpago lets them plan, message and connect to clients through a dashboard. From improving client communication to tracking customer feedback and satisfactionand making sure clients are safe through check-ins and calls for assistance, the platform has a wide variety of useful tools for providers.

In summary, by bringing everyone together, Conpago is aiming to create engaged communities and improve the experiences of both consumers and providers.

PainCheck https://www.painchek.com/

The recent recipient of $5 million in government funding, PainCheck is an application that uses AI and smartphone technology to assist people who can’t verbalise their pain levels. As the world’s first smartphone pain management device, it automatically detects pain via AI and facial recognition technology which ultimately leads to much better pain management in residential aged care.

Given rates of dementia and other ailments that may prevent people from being able to properly articulate in words their pain level, this use of technology is obviously incredibly useful in managing under-treated pain.

Having recently cleared the regulatory hurdles in both Australia and Europe there is a huge opportunity for PainCheck to take its solution to the world.

The Frailty Web Map

The Frailty Web Map is actually one of the most significant pieces of tech to come out in the industry in some time. Developed by researchers at the University of Adelaide’s NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Frailty and Healthy Ageing, the interactive map shows population estimates of the number of frail and pre-frail people within all Australian suburbs for 2011, 2016 and 2027.

Why is this so important? Because governments need to understand where investment dollars are needed, and businesses should be aware of where opportunities will exist geographically. More than 415,000 people were frail and 1.7 million pre-frail in 2016 and more than 600,000 people will be frail and 2.2 million pre-frail in 2027, according to estimates.

While frailty is a result of aging, it is not inevitable. The Frailty Web Map will be able to help direct where preventative investment can be made to reduce the incidence of frailty. This should ultimately promote public health in the long term (amongst other benefits). This could be a great opportunity for health and related businesses to understand where demand is greatest, and how best to serve it.

 Nomad VRhttps://nomad-vr.com/

Nomad VR is a Virtual Reality experience business that is specifically curated for the aged and disability care audience. They help providers implement, run and manage their own virtual reality activities so they can take their clients on ‘Virtual Excursions’ around the world.

Having started in 2017, this Sydney based startup is able to help people, who otherwise can’t travel, have amazing experiences and explore sites anywhere in the world. From African safaris to coral reefs, they provide uplifting experiences that are safe, accessible and engaging.

With even better technology in VR continuing to be developed these virtual experiences will no doubt be highly sought after in the future.

With companies and initiatives like these being supported around Australia, it is certainly an exciting time for service providers in retirement and aged care to be looking at how they best implement this and other tech now and in the future.

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