Choosing A Retirement Village: Location

Posted by arenburg
22 October

Choosing a retirement village is not easy.  There are currently over 2,200 retirement villages in Australia, how do you know which one is right for you? 

One of the most important things to consider in this process is the location. Compromising on location can mean less time with your loved ones, inadequate transport in the event of an emergency or difficulties travelling to places of interest. Ultimately, location is not something you can compromise on!

Is it in your preferred area/suburb?

Carefully consider the area of the retirement village. Is it in a suburb you prefer or have lived in before? If not, be sure to do some background research on the type of area it is and what you can expect from other residents and surrounding suburbs.

Is it near family/friends or is it easy to travel to family and friends from the retirement village?

This is one of the most important things to consider. Easy travel to your family and friends from the retirement village means more time for you to spend with your loved ones. Also, consider whether it is easy for your family and friends to travel to the retirement village to visit you. This is especially important in the case of emergencies.

Is it close to a shopping centre, supermarket, cafes/restaurants, library, church or club that you may be a member of?

Write down a list of all the activities you’re involved in and the places you enjoy going to. As you sift through different retirement villages, consider which ones are the most convenient to the activities and facilities you regularly visit/attend.

Also, consider if the retirement village is close to a shopping centre and if this shopping centre is easy to get to from the village. Have a think about whether the shopping centre has got all the stores and amenities you’ll need, not just the bare minimum! 

Is it close to public transport and/or is there a village bus that goes to the local shopping centre, cinema or anything you like doing?

Being able to go to and from places you enjoy going is essential to ensuring your happiness with your retirement village. Refer back to your list of activities that you’re involved in and places you like going. This time, check whether or not it’s easy for you to get to these places from the retirement village. Convenience is one thing, but also have a think about how long it will take to travel to these places and how much it’s going to cost to do so.

How long would it take to get to the hospital in an emergency situation?

The most important factor in all this is, of course, your health! Research how long it would take to get to the closest hospital in the event of an emergency. Also, consider how close emergency services (such as Paramedics) are to the retirement village. If the local hospital is not one you’re familiar with, it’s worth looking into the hospital’s reputation as well!

Choosing the right retirement village can be daunting, but the importance of location cannot be underestimated. A good location means access to all the services you need for continued independence, more time with your loved ones and peace of mind knowing you’re nearby to all the places you enjoy. So use our checklist to guide you!

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